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1966 Goya Electric Guitars catalogue
1966 Goya Electric Guitars catalogue, Goya was well-known for it's acoustic guitars, produced by Levin in Sweden; but in the mid 1960s they added a number of Italian-built electric guitars and basses. Semi-acoustic models such as the 105, 107 and 109 Rangemaster guitars and Panther II bass were made by Polverini, whilst solid body models 116 and 118 were made by Galanti. These were well-built good quality instruments, but perhaps too expensive to sell in large numbers.
1965 Vox Ace electric guitar
1965 Vox Ace electric guitar The Vox Ace was one of the early UK-designed Vox guitars produced by JMI in Dartford, Kent. It had been in production since at least 1962, but was redesigned for late 1963 with a more current look and a higher quality feel. The pickups were upgraded, as was the body; it was now thicker and made of solid wood. Despite this the guitar was now actually lighter in weight, due to a shorter overall length. Have a closer look at a sunburst-finished Vox Ace from 1965.
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    Default Montaya Bass Guitar

    I have a Montaya Bass Guitar in reasonably good shape...............there are no other markings anywhere on country of manufacture, serial number, or anything else. I'm sure it is of foreign manufacture, does anyone know anything about it? I will try to post some pics later...........

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    Hi nuttydriver. I don't know much about these guitars but I will tell you what I do know based on a 1989 Montoya brochure I have posted in my catalog library. You can see the catalog here:

    The guitars are distributed by CHK Trading Company based out of Hong Kong. The company exports all types of products including Chinese cellulite cream which has the Federal Trade Commission pursuing legal action against them. Seems their claims for the product cannot withstand scientific scrutiny.

    The head of the company is Korean so I assume the guitars are built in Korea but it is also possible they are Chinese. Once they arrive in the US the guitars are sold through a branch office in New Jersey.

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