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    Default Hondo strat copy

    Hello everyone,
    I visited the vintage guitar fair in NY this past weekend and picked up a Hondo Strat copy. It has scratches, but otherwise plays great.
    It's a "blackie" style with maple neck. It looks really vintage, especially with worn yellowish look on the pickups. I really like the play of it. Very easy, much easier than the play on my Squire Affinity. And I hate to say it, but in some way feels better than my HWY-1 tele.
    It says on the headstock "Deluxe Series 760"
    I noticed a whole from the screw at the bridge level, which gives me an idea that either a bridge came from some other guitar or body is from some other gutiar.
    A friend I was with, is somewhat guitar savy, somewhat more than me in this sence, told me it's a japanese company (which is not what read on wiki), which got sued by gibson some time ago and ceased to exist, and that I picked a japanese guitar from the 80ies.

    I would like to know more about the instruments, but I could not find any info on the guitar on the net so far. I read about Hondo on wiki, and saw some sales on ebay and on craig list, however, is there a souce where I can find out the specks of these strat copies ? I really like the neck of it, feels so solid - like the one from the very good quality instrument. Considered the price I paid for it, feels like I striked a jack pot.
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