View Full Version : is it a good deal? (vint. lyle hollow body bass)

10-28-2007, 06:06 PM
just got back from the guitar shop, and i saw a nice looking hollow body bass. always having wanted one, and this bass being the first i had seen in person, i took an interest in it.
after looking at it, i found that it was slighty abused, and the guy who had previously owned it, was a complete idiot. the guy had taken upright bass strings, and stortened them, and but them on the bass, also the idiot took a saw and cut a hole in the back, to get to the electronics. one of the pickups is loose. i could not get any feedback when i plugged it in.
it definately needs some fixing up, but i don't know how much, and how much it will cost. it has remained a wall hanger for about a month, so i got time to think on it.
if i remember correctly, it was made in japan, the model number in the body was 5120, # on the back neckplate is 2299555. the neck is fat and skinny, a shortscale, and it has offset inlays. the headstock is black, with "lyle" in gold cursive. around the body, neck and headsock (pretty much all of the bass), it has that antiuqe binding. the color is transparent cherry, and it has a darker redon the esges, but i suspect that is proper aging. it has 2 volume knobs, 2 tone knobs, and 2 pickups. thwe head is fashioned in the shape of a gibson head.
because the bass is in need of fix-up, they are only asking $50-75 bucks. what was the year/model of this bass, and how much is a desent quality one worth? i no the hole in the back is a major drawback, but i think if i widen it up, i could putone of those plastic things on it that they but on guitars, to get to the wiring. i don't have alot of cash, or a job, so i am havinng the shop evaluate the cash it will take for a desecnt fix-up, to see if restoration is in my price range.
PS i got a picture or 2 of it. is there a way i can post them.